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Oliver's Labels

Oliverslabels Created by Oliver's aunt Debbie, Oliver's Labels are personalized, colourful and durable labels and tags. Debbie's story...""It all began with a small idea to help Oliver, my nephew, from losing his stuff. After seeing the overwhelming positive reaction from his teachers and other parents, I realized there was a huge demand for good name labels. I used my years of experience in the printing industry to develop a high-quality label that was both durable and beautiful. The business was born and now our full-colour designs and exclusive Found-it Tracking Systemâ„¢ are a few of the things that set Oliver's Labels apart from the competition."

Their Large Bag Tag is especially great for school bags because if your child loses their bag, it will find it's way home, thanks to Oliver's exclusive Found-it Tracking System - an online lost-and-found service. So cool and a great idea! Must have been a mom who thought of it.

More information about Oliver's Labels can be found on their website: www.oliverslabels.com


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